Who Wants to Buy This Ridiculous 100-Carat Diamond?

Are you in the market for the most cumbersome and comical piece of jewelry in the world? Get ready to max out your credit card for this completely absurd, “flawless” 100-carat diamond being auctioned today by Sotheby’s.

For a mere $25 million—the amount the diamond is estimated to sell for—you can be the owner of this portable Olympic-sized ice skating rink and live in constant fear of being killed in a botched robbery for your enormous diamond.


Experts say the cut of the diamond makes it looks like a pool of water, so there’s that. Via the Daily Mail:

‘Simply put, it has everything you could ever want from a diamond: the classic shape begs to be worn, while the quality puts it in an asset class of its own,’ said Lisa Hubbard, Chairman of North and South America for Sotheby’s International Jewellery Division.

EVERYTHING YOU COULD EVER WANT OUT OF A DIAMOND. By that, I assume she means incomparable bragging rights.

You can scoff at Beyonce’s peasant-like 24 caret, $4.7 million engagement ring.


Giggle at Kim Kardashian’s 15-carat ring that Kanye probably bought with a coupon.


And you’ll probably break into hysterics over Jennifer Lopez’s 6.1-carat pink diamond that only set Ben Affleck back $1.2 million in 2002.


Alternatively, we can all just chill out with the enormous diamonds.

Images via AP and Getty.

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