Deadline is reporting that a live-action movie based on Hasbro’s Play-Doh is in the works, somehow, and that Paul Feig (The Heat) might direct it, somehow. Every big star in Hollywood probably must want a piece of this Doh, but a specific few could probably do it better than anyone else. Picture it: your favorite actor wearing a giant Play-Doh tub and saying things like, “Kiss me, I’m non-toxic!”

Amazon’s best-selling Play-Doh product is a case of 10 basic colors, so lets start there.


Lorraine Toussaint will star as Purple, the matriarch of the central Doh family. She’s an honest, graceful woman who’s just trying to make it through the constant pressures of every day life.



Orange, Purple’s unhappy husband, will be played by Kevin Spacey. His long hours at the Fun Factory mean that he’s rarely home to see his wife.


Chris Rock will play Yellow, Orange’s best friend at work who is trying to get them to leave the Fun Factory and start their own business together - the Fun Factory Deluxe.


Hot Pink

Gugu Mbatha-Raw will star as Hot Pink, the daughter of Purple and Orange who lives across the street with her own family. She’s had to give up on her dreams in order to care for her husband Lime Green and their newborn tub.

Lime Green

Academy Award winner Eddie Redmayne will learn that it’s not easy being Lime Green after being diagnosed with Dohn’s - a disease causing him to dry out more quickly than normal Play-Doh.



Hot Pink and Lime Green’s newborn Red will be played by the American Sniper puppet baby.


Jack Black will play Black, one half of an eclectic, shape-shifting local band that provides musical interludes throughout the film.



Jack White will play White, the second half of an eclectic, shape-shifting local band that provides musical interludes throughout the film.


Aqua, played by Jessica Chastain, is the inspirational doctor who’s experimenting with glitter in an attempt to cure Dohn’s disease.



Dame Judi Dench will play Cyan, the mysterious, crumbling old woman in the house down the street from our protagonists, and who may hold all the answers.

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