Who Is the True D for Rachel McAdams?

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According to Life & Style, Rachel McAdams is stuck in a LOVE TRIANGLE with her True Detective co-stars Taylor Kitsch and Colin Farrell. WHO SHOULD SHE CHOOSE?


Let’s make a case for both.

TAYLOR KITSCH is the soulful-eyed embodiment of perfection. Date him and you’re promised a life of sitting on Igloo coolers, drinking cans of Lone Star, and staring out longingly at the Texas sunset à la Tim Riggins in Friday Night Lights. Date him and you’ll always be the smarter of the pair. Date him and you can brush his hair—which is dirty, but not too dirty—from his eyes and say, “What’s the matter, Tim?” “My name’s not Tim,” he’ll say. “That’s a character I played on a show that ended in 2011.” And you’ll say, “Shhh” and go back to staring out at the plains of his ranch. Which is basically the dream.


COLIN FARRELL is just okay. You maybe had a crush on him in Minority Report and then you saw his sex tape where he didn’t wear a condom and thought, “No, maybe not.” You haven’t thought much about Colin Farrell in recent years and maybe there’s a reason for that—reason being, he’s not Tim Riggins.

DELIBERATION: KITSCH WINS. The love triangle has become a love line.

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