Who Is the Source Behind These Quotes About Beyoncé's Excellent Parenting Skills?

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Beyoncé is a mother of three, and the unnamed source who spoke to People Magazine about her impeccable work-life balance will not let you forget that. The quotes are so detailed, you begin to wonder where they are coming from, and why this person feels the need to keep their identity a secret. Could it be that they’re coming from Blue Ivy, a 7-year-old who has just discovered her knack for public relations?


The level of insider knowledge this person, whomever she or he may be, possesses into the lives of Beyoncé’s children leads me to believe it’s one of Beyoncé’s children. Since Rumi and Sir are but two years old, I think it’s Blue Ivy:

“It might seem like her career would take up all her time, but it’s quite the opposite. Her career is always second and her kids are her first priority,” says a source of the superstar, who’s mom to 7-year-old Blue Ivy and 2-year-old twins Sir and Rumi. “She is a fantastic mom and very involved.”

All I’m saying is this person seems to have a lot of intel on Beyoncé’s parenting abilities, and seems to think they are incredible. It could be Blue Ivy:

“She’s busy making a schedule and taking care of her kids. She makes sure they have scheduled activities and tutoring,” says the source. “She loves being a mom and wants to be around as much as possible.”

If it is Blue Ivy—and I could never say with any real sense of certainty that it is, of course—I would encourage to pursue her dreams of being a high-powered publicist with rigor and gusto. She’s a natural. All that’s left is finding some other clients in need of a good spin, and before you know it, she’ll be more powerful than all of us.

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Let’s canonize her now.  My God the press on her is that she can never do anything wrong.