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Who Is the ‘Hot Actor’ Kaley Cuoco Dumped in 2004 for Being a Bad Tipper?

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

This video is a few days old and Kaley Cuoco has no business taking precedence over the likes of Nicki Minaj and Rihanna (who appear later in today’s Dirt Bag) but I honestly can’t stop thinking about it, so guess what, she gets the top spot! The five-minute clip features Cuoco telling Vogue that when she was 19 (in 2004/2005) she dumped a boyfriend for being a bad tipper.

Normally this would not interest me in the slightest, but Cuoco refused to name the dumpee, instead referring to him as a “hot” actor. “Let’s call him John,” she says after a long pause. “If I told you his name, you’d know who he is.”

The bad tipper story goes something like this:

“He wanted to take me on a really nice romantic dinner date. It was kind of a surprise and I was so excited because we hadn’t really done this yet. We had this great dinner, we got along and the conversation was great. The bill comes, and [I asked to split it with him], and he says, ‘Absolutely not. I’m taking you on the date. Absolutely not.’


So he takes the bill out and he’s looking at it really seriously...He goes to the calculator on his phone, and he’s multiplying like an 8% tip. ‘Oh my god, he’s cheap. He’s a bad tipper.’”


The Daily Mail had a few guesses based on dudes she publicly dated around the time—Kevin Zegers (I sort of know her), Thad Luckinbill (I don’t know her but he’s a soap opera star), and Jaron Lowenstein (I don’t know her and also he’s not an actor)—of whom I think only Zegers fits the bill. But is he famous enough to warrant such a description? I don’t think so!

But a Celebitchy commenter had another idea: one Jonathan. Taylor. Thomas. Not only did he briefly co-star with her on 8 Simple Rules, we all definitely know her, and his name is John, which makes the whole “Let’s call him John” thing a funny little piece of misdirection. I think she’s playing us!

Anyway, hello Mister Police. She gave us all the clues. So let’s do some thinking. (I just emailed JTT’s publicist and asked her straight up. Maybe she’ll write back!)


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