Who 'Grammed It Best - Blake Lively or Rita Ora?

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Though their subjects are more famous, celebrity Instagrams are, for better or worse, just like ours. But which celebrity, on any given day, is using the platform better than anyone else? Who Grammed It Best? will pit two recent, unrelated celebrity Instagrams against each other in an attempt to figure that out.


Today’s battle:

Blake Lively v. Rita Ora

Blake Lively / @blakelively

The Gram: A photo of a plate of food arranged to look like Blake Lively (I think) taken by someone else (I think).


The Pros: Creativity - Most of my Instagram feed is pictures of food, but rarely is the food shaped to look like Blake Lively.

The Cons: The Caption - What exactly is Blake trying to say here? I read it twice and still have no clue what’s going on. Can’t one of your assistants edit your copy, Ms. Lively?

Rita Ora / @ritaora

The Gram: Split-frame photo proving to the world that Rita Ora and Beyonce Knowles own the same swimsuit.


The Pros: Lighting - Rita’s photo is well-lit!

The Cons: The composition - I wish Rita had taken the time to cut Beyonce out of her beach background and display her on white as well. Doesn’t one of your assistants have Photoshop, Ms. Ora?


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Rita Ora is multitasking here. She is clearly thirsting for approval from Beyonce while at the same time asking “Who Wore it Better?” and praying that the universe’s answer will be “You did Rita Ora. You wore it better.”