Who Actually Wants Pancakes to Go?

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I guess everyone is too busy to sit down at IHOP for a nice stack of pancakes because the restaurant announced they’re experimenting with a new restaurant concept which would offer patrons meals to-go.

CNN reports that IHOP is rolling out a new restaurant called “Flip’d” in Atlanta and then later New York, Washington, Denver, and San Francisco. At Flip’d, customers can eat egg sandwiches, breakfast burritos, and salads to-go, including something called a “pancake bowl.” And if you’re thinking, Well, I’ll just grab my little bowl o’ pancakes and take a seat, that might be hard considering Flip’d locations will have limited seating.


Basically, it sounds like a coffee shop that happens to serve fast-food breakfast items. But do people really want their pancakes, even in bowl form (a sacrilegious breakfast food I don’t want to even think about for too long) to-go? I certainly don’t. But it’s clear IHOP has been hurting for a while now, having drastically changed its logo for a promotional campaign to remind everyone they sell burgers. Last year the chain also closed dozens of locations across the country, blaming their inability to win over millennial diners.

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