White Supremacist Jacob Goodwin Found Guilty of Beating DeAndre Harris in Charlottesville Parking Garage

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On Tuesday, 23-year-old Ward, Arkansas resident and explicit white supremacist Jacob Goodwin was convicted by a jury of felony “malicious wounding” for attacking and severely injuring a black man in a Charlottesville, Virginia parking garage on August 12.

Goodwin was arrested in October after video footage surfaced of no fewer than five men viciously beating 20-year-old DeAndre Harris, a former special education instructional assistant. Harris suffered a broken arm, a spinal injury, and had to receive eight staples for head lacerations.

The attack occurred during the violently racist Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia last summer, which was organized in opposition to the planned removal of a monument to Civil War general Robert E. Lee. The video revealed Harris to have been outfitted in pins glorifying Hitler and the Traditionalist Worker Party, a white nationalist group.


The Washington Post reported on Tuesday that assistant commonwealth attorney Nina-Alice Antony told the jury that during the parking lot attack Goodwin was, “outfitted for battle…. He’s got large goggles, boots. He’s got a full body shield.”

The Post reported that the jury’s recommended sentence was ten years (with the potential to suspend some of that time), and a $20,000 fine. Judge Richard E. Moore will sentence Goodwin on August 23. Three other men have now been arrested in connection with the beating on charges that include felonious assault and malicious wounding. Those men are Alex Michael Ramos, Daniel Borden, and Tyler Watkins, all of whom face upcoming trials soon.

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It’s a Holiday Miracle that this asshole Goodwin was convicted of anything, especially considering that the Charlottesville PD thought it was cool to first try and charge Harris with the beatdown in the first place.


I thought this aspect would’ve been in an update article like this.