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White Fox and Friends Host asks Black News Anchor if She ‘Makes Kool-Aid”

Fox Report anchor Harris Faulkner appeared on a Thanksgiving segment of Fox and Friends to show viewers how to make her special peach cobbler, when co-host Brian Kilmeade asked her a dumb question. “Do you make Kool-Aid?” Kilmeade asked. Faulkner looked at him and said, “Uh, no, I don’t make Kool-Aid, but I made an adult beverage for us.”


In the clip via Raw Story, Faulkner mentioned how she makes a summer version of the cobbler, but uses strawberries. This apparently prompted Kilmeade to think of the cool refreshment. Co-host Steve Doocy also gives Kilmeade a weird look before Kilmeade explains what he meant. “It reminds me of summer,” he says.

It’s not clear whether Kilmeade understood this kind of comment could come across as offensive, but Bella, Faulkner’s adorable daughter, looks at the camera with a “WTF?” face. Even she probably knows it was some bullshit.


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“No. Do you make crackers Brian?”