'White Feminism' Perfectly Explained Through Pizza and Burgers

There seems to be this odd movement to make feminism trickier than it should be. Hey, do you respect women and think that they deserve equality in all spaces of the world? Cool, get on board.


Comedian Akilah Hughes does a delightful job of explaining intersectionality and the problem with “white feminism” using pizza as a delicious metaphor.

In the video she helpfully explains the issue with celebrating women like Patricia Arquette and Emma Watson through cheese pizzas, burgers, and deluxe pizzas. Just in case you need more convincing, Akilah also utters the phrase: “cheese pizza is tired of being told by burgers to shave their crust.”



I got into it re white feminism with my mother over Easter, because what is a pagan festival without some sort of intergenerational sparring over some roast meats and too much wine- right?

My mother (who is a white feminist academic) argues that this White Feminist argument we are having is redundant. She maintains- nay, insists- that the only form of feminism with any academic validity whatsoever has always been intersectional.

I argued that yeah, great. But down here on the ground/internet/playground/office that is definitely not being reflected. So we do need to be having this conversation and if I might be so bold, Mother, to say that we don’t need to be having this conversation because of the academic validity of insectionality is a bit of white feminist thing to say. We don’t all get to roll through life surrounded by gender study department levels of awareness and education.

She threw the divisiveness argument at me.

I threw Patricia Arquette at her.

I still feel wierd that conversation in ways that I can’t quite articulate yet.