While Installing Security System Because of Terrifying Ex-Boyfriend, Woman Finds Him Under Her Bed

A Tennessee woman in the middle of having a home security system installed because she was afraid of a violent, abusive ex-boyfriend subsequently confirmed her own reasoning by discovering him under her bed. After seeing Tony Joe Gunter lying in wait, the woman shot him in the foot while shouting at the security system installer to call 911, then held a gun on him until police arrived.

The woman, who hasn’t been named, lives in Goodlettsville, Tennessee, and reportedly dated Gunter for two years, according to reports from Fox 17, which we saw via the Washington Post. Fox says she broke up with him after discovering his “extensive criminal history,” at which point Gunter allegedly told her “I will kill you, you stupid cunt.” She sought a restraining order, after changing her locks twice and finding evidence on three different occasions that he’d broken into her home, she told police.

According to a report from the Nashville Police Department obtained by Fox, the woman called ADT Security to have a system installed. During the installation, she went into her bedroom to get her cellphone, and the phone was gone. She told police she then noticed Gunter’s feet under her bed. From Fox:

The woman told the ADT installer to call 911 and pulled a gun, shooting Gunter in the left foot as he was under her bed. She says she instructed Gunter to give back the phone and he threw it out from under the bed. She held Gunter at gunpoint until police arrived.


Gunter was hospitalized with non life-threatening injuries after the shooting; he’s being charged with aggravated burglary, stalking, violating a protection order and theft. The woman isn’t facing charges for shooting him in self-defense.

Gunter’s booking photo via WZTV

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