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While Hero Cat Tara Enjoys New Life of Fame, Attacking Dog Is Put Down

Illustration for article titled While Hero Cat Tara Enjoys New Life of Fame, Attacking Dog Is Put Down

When the video of Tara the cat face-pummeling an aggressive dog attacking a little boy surfaced, it seemed it was too good to be true. An everyday house cat skyrocketed into internet and real world fame, signing record deals, getting her own TV show booking magazine covers, selling merch, and awkwardly throwing the first pitch at a baseball game. Our collective cat scratch fervor found its crowning moment. But now shit has gotten real, and this weekend, the dog that attacked the little boy has been euthanized.


Scrappy the dog was placed on a 10-day holding period following the attack, and his pugnaciousness did not seem to wane. TMZ (yep) reports, he repeatedly attempted to attack the handlers at the Bakersfield animal shelter where he was being kept, even when they tried to give him food and water. He was finally put down yesterday.

One day, this will make the greatest VH1's Behind the Meow-sic episode of all time.

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I know it's heartless, but ... good.
Honestly, I feel bad for all these dogs that are clearly misused or untrained or abused, but regardless of what got them to the point of vicious, once vicious they need to be put down.

And the owners should be fined to fuck and banned from owning any other pets.