Which Spouse of a NATO World Leader Is Having the Best Time?

Everyone’s losing their mind because this group photo of all the women married to world leaders are gathered together, and in the back is the husband of Luxembourg’s Prime Minister Xavier Bettel, Gauthier Destenay. But Can you believe Melania is smiling?


She’s just happy to have a two minute break from Donald trying to use her as a walker. In all seriousness, Bettel and Destenay are a gorgeous couple. Look at them mutually suppressing laughter as they pass one of the wind-up toy sentry boys at the Apostolic Palace:

Image via Getty.
Image via Getty.

May your weekend also find you walking arm-in-arm with someone special past a palace guard.

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Destenay certainly looks happy, but Melania looks estactic to be out of hand’s reach from Drumpf. She probably trashed talked him with the others in one of the five languages she speaks.