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Which One of His Fellow Coaches Will Gavin Rossdale Fall in Love With on The Voice UK?

Illustration for article titled Which One of His Fellow Coaches Will Gavin Rossdale Fall in Love With on iThe Voice UK/i?

It was announced Wednesday that Gavin Rossdale, of the band Bush and the former marriage between himself and Gwen Stefani, will be joining the U.K. iteration of The Voice as a coach. Romance is in the air!


Rossdale and Stefani’s marriage reportedly ended when he accidentally synced his nanny-sext-receiving phone to the family’s iPad, and Stefani saw the evidence of their affair on it. She soon recovered with a well-documented romance featuring Blake Shelton, falling in love before our very eyes on The Voice. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if Rossdale could be redeemed through a season long love story arc as well? There’s no mention yet of who his leading lady will be, but he wrote in a statement:

I‘m so thrilled to be joining The Voice U.K. I’ve always been extremely proud to fly the flag for British rock music and I can’t wait to join this incredible panel and help discover some new talent.


If this tweet indicates anything, it’s that Tom Jones is the strongest contender, followed by Jennifer Hudson with trailing behind:

“Very talented” sounds like a total neg after calling Tom Jones a legend, which might mean Rossdale is working a long game here. At this point, anyone could be going with him all the way to the end of the show and a series of very convincing photo ops.

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JujyMonkey: unstable genius

It won’t be Tom Jones, folks; Gavin is totally into Bush.