Occasionally—like, a lot—I sit around and consider what it might be like to own a dozen similar looking cats that instinctually get in formation around their daily activities, whether it’s eating, napping, licking or staring blankly into a camera. Lo and behold, this Instagram account exists.

The account, allegedly run by a lady who owns 12 Persian cats, boasts this description: “Happily married and mom of 12 floofs. All neutered and spayed. 9 of them comes from same litter.”

Let’s use this time to self-reflect.

Which one of these cats are you? The hissing one? Is it you?

Or are you curled up on the bed, oblivious, with your back to the world, hating life? Are you bold? Are you the outlier?


I submit to you the below peaceful video in which the dark brown-haired one paws at something (nothing) in the air. Is that you?


Or are you the one who stops and takes time to admire the marigolds?

Are you the Persian peaking out from the rear, content to play the background? Are you curious? Are you strange?


Are you the leader? Fearless.


Or are you this guy?

Are you an attention seeker? You want a snack?


What’s wrong with you?