Which of These Celebrities Do You Think Are Actually Naked?

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Despite the massive historical importance of the 2016 election, less than 60 percent of eligible voters showed up to the polls. And those pathetic numbers were without the many obstacles we’re facing this year, like coronavirus and Donald Trump trying as hard as he can to derail it.


In order to prevent the country from becoming even more screwed than it is now (if the last several months have shown us one thing, it’s that it can always get worse), celebrities have resorted to taking off their clothes to raise awareness of “naked ballots,” which in 16 states mean mail-in ballots not properly clothed in their two requisite envelopes.

According to Variety, the ad was created by RepresentUs, which describes itself as a nonpartisan organization focused on voting rights. Before this, group created a series of “Dictators” ads featuring deepfakes of Kim Jong-un and Vladimir Putin, which were quite unsettling.

As for which of them is actually naked and who is cheating by wearing pants, I fully believe that Tiffany Haddish is in that car wearing nothing but a seatbelt, and the rest of them are liars. Prove me wrong! Also, is Sarah Silverman shooting this from the lobby of her local YMCA? What on earth? [Variety]

I always appreciate it when celebrities are willing to unabashedly acknowledge the thing that made them famous. And perhaps no one has more wholly embraced his childhood acting career than Macauley Culkin:

I read a tweet recently that said we are merely in stage one of our themed mask future, and I could not agree more. It’s going to be a long winter. [Twitter]


  • Alyson Hannigan uses the props from the Buffy the Vampire Slayer set as her Halloween decorations. [EW]
  • Two RHOA stars allegedly had sex with a stripper! [Page Six]
  • Taylor Swift is voting for Biden/Harris, so there’s that. [THR]


Lucy O'Gara

Also the asshole Megan said was hot this morning, Morgan Wallen, has officially been un-invited to SNL because of his assholish (and maskless) public behavior, according to NBC.