Which Homophobic Congressman Is About to be Outed as Gay?

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If you didn't learn it from American Beauty, you must have picked it up from countless schadenfreude guffaw-inducing conservative-politicos-caught-boning-dudes scandals: there's nothing gayer than hating gay people. And if public depantsing of homophobic hypocrisy is your thing, then get excited: according to a particularly adept Washington gay-sleuth, at least 3 conservative Republican Congressmen are super duper gay, and one is about to be outed.


US News (motto: Did You Know We Do Stuff Besides Rank Business Schools?) reports that Michael Rogers, the man behind (ha) such famous outings as Rep. Larry Craig and Sen. Ed Schrock, has his ducks in a row for another big gay reveal.

The blogger said he currently knows of three "anti-gay" members of the U.S. House of Representatives who are themselves gay. Rogers refused to say when he might disclose information on these members or what might provoke such a revelation, maintaining that as a journalist he holds some cards close to the vest.

But Rogers said he's about to get his hands on concrete evidence that one "anti-gay" member of the House of Representatives engages in gay sex. "Oh, it's going to happen because it has been happening for a long time," he said.

Rogers isn't exactly the most universally loved dude in the world, and calling him a "blogger" is a stretch, as he hasn't updated his blog since August of 2012. And, since coming out of the closet is a huge deal for members of the LGBTQ community, some would argue that anyone forcibly outing anyone for any reason is wrong. And I tend to agree with that sentiment, except in the case of public figures who have made a career of limiting the rights of gay people. That's when all bets are off.

This is the public's business for the same reason that an anti-abortion politician having an abortion (or being complicit in a partner's abortion) is the public's business — it exposes the extent to which government officials see themselves as exceptions to their own moral impositions. If, say, Marsha Blackburn wants to nestle her ideology into my cervix, then I have a right to know what she's doing with hers. If [Soon to be outed homophobe] wants to govern people's bedrooms, he should at least let us peek inside his.

So that being said, who ya got?



Gonzo the Something

I'd say Lindsey Graham, but he's a senator.

That said, I've always thought the "homophobes are secretly gay" trope overstated. Some people are just assholes.