Where Is Casey Anthony Supposed To Hide Out?

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Casey Anthony's release from prison is set for tomorrow, but where exactly is she supposed to go when she leaves?

Pretty much everyone and their mother seems to feel that Casey Anthony should either disappear off the face of the earth or get facial reconstructive surgery but whether she's "actually" innocent or not, where could she go to disappear completely?

Wal-Mart and Barnes And Noble shoppers weigh in:

"I think she should go someplace very far away," said Jessica Isaac, 24, an Orlando resident who attends Florida State University and was shopping at a Wal-Mart here. "I would go overseas."

Amber Fife, 28, a kindergarten teacher, said at a nearby Barnes & Noble, "Rhode Island, I have friends there who have never heard of her."

"I think she is in danger," Ms. Fife added more gravely. "I really do."

Not to mention the fact that when she leaves the jail, she'll be leaving with "no money" (according to court papers), thereby begging the question: Are we backing Casey Anthony into a "Well, I guess you should make a movie/write a book/hire a bodyguard" corner?


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Am I the only one a little terrified that she has to go into hiding? Whether you agree or not, she was acquited of most of the charges. The people that talk of harming her, up to and including killing her, would be choosing to take the law into their own hands if they went after her. Shun her if you want, never hire her, and ignore the innevitable book, but the veiled threats are not ok.