Where Are the Rich Expected to Figure Skate Now?

Photo: AP
Photo: AP

Students at Dalton, one of the richest (but not the best) private high schools in New York City, reportedly will not be allowed to hold their annual ice skating party this year because Donald Trump’s name is plastered all over the rink. What’s an Upper East Side kid to do??


According to the New York Post, the city’s premiere publication for gory crime, rich kids, and gory crimes committed by rich kids, the Dalton parents association canceled the “Dalton on Ice” event at Wollman Rink in Central Park. Apparently people refused to buy tickets because the rink is partially owned by Donald Trump. And, historically speaking but especially now, if there’s one thing wealthy New Yorkers don’t want their kids around, besides public transportation, it’s Donald Trump.

The Parents Association at The Dalton School sent a letter Thursday announcing the “Dalton on Ice” event was scrapped, saying “it would not be financially prudent” because of “significantly lower attendance.”

Dalton’s PA president, LaMae DeJongh, declined to comment — but sources said the low attendance was due to rampant anti-Trump sentiment at the elite prep school, which boasts alumni such as CNN’s Anderson Cooper.

I can only imagine they canceled the party instead of say, moving it to Chelsea Piers or Bryant Park in MIDTOWN, because, incredibly, it turns out there is something worse than their kids taking pictures with a Trump logo in the background—it’s going below 59th Street.

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If rich NY parents and their kids want to boycott Trump, I won’t get snarky with them. This is one area we can all stand together.