'When Cookie Met Sally' Is a Very Cute Parody With Excellent Meg Ryan Wigs

I’m not particularly proud of the fact that I’ve watched this Sesame Street parody of When Harry Met Sally twice, but I’m more than a little impressed by how spot-on the Meg Ryan character’s wigs are.

When Cookie Met Sally is a family-friendly, orgasm-free Sesame Street sketch that details the complicated relationship between Cookie, a messy glutton, and Sally, whom Cookie describes as a “very neat” female-identified felt object who “only eats cookies for dessert.” I’m sure kids will laugh at Cookie as he deals with his lunch hunger, but their parents are sure to get all charmed and smiley while watching a Muppet impersonate Meg Ryan so darn well. Just look at this wig!

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I’m sure Nora Ephron would be pleased. The even work in the line.

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