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What's Your Favorite Fact About Yourself?

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You are delightful. Didn't you know? Despite the fact that you might be a woman which would mean you probably have astoundingly low self esteem, there is still something great about you that you have probably acknowledged to yourself at one point or another.


On Thursday, unprompted by the rest of the Jezebel staff, Callie Beusman shared something beautiful with the group. She shared her "favorite fact" about herself:

Callie: My fav fact about myself is that one time I found a sweater in my college house.

Callie: It was really nice! It looked good on me.

Callie: And then three months later I realized it was from the Old Navy maternity section :(


[This exchange has been edited to remove quotes from multiple other staffers going on about their work business, ignoring Callie's bold admission of self confidence.]

Whether you have considered it in these terms in the past or not, most of us have a favorite fact about ourselves. Whether it's something that happened to you or that you did to yourself, or something you like that just makes you you, it's certainly a favorite. What is your favorite fact about yourself? (Or at least, what is one of yours? You are probably fabulous and have many fav[e] facts about yourself.) Please share while listening to the classic "Hey Leonardo (She Likes Me for Me)" by Blessed Union of Souls for inspiration.

Images via Chuck Norris/Paul Zimmerman

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