Priyanka Chopra looks very beautiful on the cover of Maxim India. She’s basically flawless. She doesn’t even have the common and disgusting flaw of a female armpit.


Comments on this photo range from “photoshop” to “her armpit hahaha.” In the version shared on Maxim India’s Insta she also appears to have brighter eyes? Perhaps even a different color?


Maybe it’s one of those optical illusions that happens when you stare too long into someone’s sweat glands, searching for pores.

The spread in general shows Chopra looking amazing. People says that in these photos, her underarms seem “unedited,” but they still look smooth as hell to me:

Priyanka Chopra hasn’t addressed Armpitgate, but maybe that’s because there’s no Photoshop scandal afoot. Maybe she does have preternaturally smooth pits. She’s given us hints before:


So suggestive of pits without showing them. And in this old Elle cover, Chopra once again appears smoother than a waxed baby bottom under her arms:


Priyanka Chopra: the world’s softest woman. While some of us battle five o’clock shadow just to wear a tank top, she can’t help but serve Barbie realness.

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