Whatever, Jon Krasinski and Anna Kendrick Are Great on Lip Sync Battle

Not one week ago, Jezebel’s own Kate Dries laid out a very solid argument for why Lip Sync Battle should not be a show. “Hypocrisy!” you scream. “Then why is Jim Halpert doing a marionette dance at the top of this post?!”

Yes, I am a hypocrite! Because I think Kate is right: Lip Sync Battle is a dumb, self-congratulatory, over-produced vehicle for likeable celebrities to capitalize on their likeability, and it probably shouldn’t exist. And Chrissy Teigen’s giggly presence in the corner—as, what, DJ with an invisible turntable? Hype man? Lifeguard?—is completely perplexing.

But...since it does exist...I mean, I’ll follow John Krasinski to the ends of the earth, so how am I going to not watch him put on a dress and dance like Tina Turner? And am I going to miss Anna Kendrick’s extremely convincing performance of Jennifer Lopez’s “Booty”? I guess this officially makes me a Drinker Of The Kool-Aid, but yes, I kind of enjoyed this, and I think you will, too.

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Kate Dries

I expected more from you Ellie.

And from this website, where I apparently no longer have sway.