What Would Be on Your Coat of Arms?

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Ugh, Kate Middleton's family's coat of arms is so boring.

Here's what's on it, according to the Daily Mail:

Acorns: "The three leafy acorns were suggested by Kate to represent herself and her siblings. Acorns were also chosen for the analogy that they grow into great oaks. Oak is a symbol of England and strength, and West Berkshire, where the children were brought up, has many oak trees."


Chevrons: The two thin white chevrons on either side indicate, remarkably, the family's love of skiing and mountains, while the background colours of red and blue were chosen as they are the principle colours of the flag of the United Kingdom and match William's own shield.



Now Kate has a conjugal coat of arms with Prince Will — see above, complete with sassy unicorn — but "At the time Kate's coat of arms was presented in the form of a 'lozenge' with a distinctive scalloped edge and was hung from a blue ribbon to denote that she was a spinster." How sweet.

If you had a Coat of Arms, what would you put on it? You can use this website to do just that. Who needs monarchy?! Isn't mine cool? (I didn't come up with "Swift and Bold" myself; you get options. But the decision to only include dragons was all mine.)

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Okay, your turn!

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I don't know if any branch of my family has a crest, but holy bucket, look how my boyfriend lucked out: