What Were Chris Martin and Jennifer Lawrence Talking About?

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Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin ate a “romantic brunch” together at NYC’s Tavern on the Green over the weekend. An observer told Us Weekly that the two were “whispering to each other and giggling,” but what were they whispering to each other and giggling about?


“How was Mexico?” Jennifer asked after their glasses were filled with sparkling water.

“I don’t want to talk about Mexico,” Chris said without making eye contact.

“Jeez, I heard you two went to Mexico. I love Mexico. I love talking about Mexico. So sorry I asked about Mexico.”

Chris lowered his voice to a whisper as the server approached. “You know I don’t like talking about her with you.”

“You don’t like talking about anything with me,” Jennifer whispered back. “Except, like, True Detective. No one even talks about True Detective anymore.”

“I watched it after everyone else. So sorry I’m too busy to keep up with HBO shows.” Chris switched back to his normal voice and turned to the server. “I’ll have the eggs Benedict, thank you.”

“And I’ll take the roast beef sandwich because I’ve apparently been letting too much out of my mouth and need to fill it back up.” She shot Chris a look.


“Fries or salad,” the server asked.

Jennifer clasped her hands together and rested her elbows on the table. “What kind of salad are we talking here? Your typical green shit or, like, that frisée garbage because I hate that stuff.” The server struggled to form a response. “You know what, gimme the fries.” And with that, Jennifer and Chris were alone again. “Eggs Benedict, huh? An English muffin for my English muffin.”


Chris giggled, thankful the tension had begun to ease. “You haven’t called me that in...too long.”

“Well I’m calling you that now.”

“I’m glad.”

“Me too. Now tell me about Mexico.”

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