What Was Your Most Ridiculous College Class?

It's finals season for some college students, and I personally know one who is busy studying ... for Wine Tasting. You know you're jealous. And if you were lucky, you maybe once took a class like that yourself.

A quick poll of the Jezebel staff resulted in a course catalog of the easy and the ridiculous. Dodai took Sex in Ancient Rome, "which meant reading long poems about penii" (yes, for you Latin sticklers, it's technically penes, which I think is even grosser). Katy's first-year seminar involved "'classical symposiums,' in which we would watch a movie and drink a ton of wine (because that's what the Greeks did, or something)." She adds, "Since we were all underage, I'm pretty sure that was illegal." Margaret's Shakespeare in Performance class "involved two classmates standing on a conference table and fighting each other with fake knives," while Intern Maura's Organizational Communication "turned into 'listen to the professor ponder his life experiences while I drink boxed wine and eat cookies.'" And Jessica enjoyed Beat Lit, in which the "professor burned incense while everyone just talked about drugs."


But we've bet you've got better tales to tell. Did you take a silly or bizarre course in college (perhaps, say, a "blow-off class") or enroll in something that turned out to be much weirder than you expected? We want to hear about it.

Tell us your tales of higher education (either in the comments or to annanorth@jezebel.com, subject line "College Classes"), and we'll catalog the absurdity. Three key points that we need to know: a) the official course title and school; b) what you thought the class would be about; and c) what it actually entailed. Your personal anonymity will remain protected.

The best classes will be highlighted next week. Until then, happy studying!

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