What the Hell Is Kathie Lee Doing?

Friday morning on Today, Kathie Lee did something strange. Though the show’s fourth hour is made up almost exclusively of Kathie Lee doing strange things, they rarely make for such compelling GIFs. What do you think she’s doing in the above image: re-enacting a particularly odd labor? Attempting yoga but not paying attention to the instructor? Filming a Snapchat video to send Frank later? Unfortunately, the truth is less exciting than any of those explanations.


Gifford is simply taking part in Bear Grylls’s #DropAndGiveMe10 - an ice bucket-esque viral charity challenge in which celebrities do 10 push-ups on camera and nominate others to do the same. Because Kathie’s chronic neck problems prevented her in fulfilling Grylls’s nomination, she passed the responsibilities on to the always-reliable Hoda and did, well, that move, beside her.

Money raised by the campaign goes to college funds for the children of deceased soldiers. It’s a great cause that also makes for great GIFs!


Full video of the segment (during which Gifford screams, “I’ve had more experience at this,” while thrusting) is below.

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Image via screengrab.

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