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What the Hell Are 'Female-Presenting Nipples'?

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As reported by Jezebel staff writer Tracy Clark-Flory, Tumblr’s banning all “adult content” from its platform because it is run by big idiot nerds who don’t care about the sex workers whose content they’ve happily monetized for years.

This “adult content” apparently includes something called “female-presenting nipples,” which might be the worst example of that awful kind of wannabe inclusive linguistic posturing I’ve heard since “female-identified or vagina-bodied people.” So, what are “female-presenting nipples”? I’ve reached out to Tumblr’s press team for clarification, and I’ll update this post if I hear back. In the meantime, here are my best guesses as to What We Talk About When We Talk About “Female-Presenting Nipples”:

  • girl nipples
  • nipples that are girls
  • nypplxs
  • girl-born-nypplxs
  • nipples with eyelashes, red lipstick, and a bow
  • nipples that are offfff to maaaaaaaarkeeeeet!!
  • tits

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Years ago, I was watching a mastectomy of a transman. The before photo of the nipple was censored but the post-surgery nipple was not. It was the exact same nipple, but less breast tissue and fat behind it, and suddenly it was acceptable to show on TV. -__-