What The Hell Are Bieber And Kardashian Trying To Do Here?

Remember those "paparazzi" shots of Kim K and Bieber in the Bahamas? Yeah, turns out they were actually a (lame, hackneyed) Graduate-themed photoshoot for Elle. On her website, Kim asks what we think of the pics. Here's what we think:


In answer to your question, Kim, you look gorgeous. No, really. The retro-inspired fashions look fabulous and you're beautifully shot. (What the hell are you doing in Elle with Justin Bieber?)

And Justin? Looks like he's about five years old. Which makes sense, since he is, in fact, a kid, which makes this whole thing kind of creepy.


Especially the shot of you two soaking wet in the water.


And y'know, just saying it's inspired by The Graduate (which by the way it doesn't really resemble - Desperate Housewives, maybe) doesn't make it palatable. (What the hell are you doing in Elle with Justin Bieber?) Basically, it's just a bunch of shots of you doing sexyface and this random kid smirking. That's what I think. And while we're at it...what the he0ll are you doing in Elle with Justin Bieber? ("The Graduate," "desperation" - safe diff, really!)

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