Johannes Gutenberg invented the printing press circa 1439 A.D., and Homer's The Iliad was likely written around 762 B.C. Here's what Jennifer Lopez's new movie The Boy Next Door says a first edition of The Iliad looks like:

The movie tells the story of Claire (Jennifer Lopez), a broken-hearted CLASSICS TEACHER, who begins a dangerous sexual relationship with Noah, her new 19-year-old next door neighbor. Before things get really racy (and racy they certainly get), Noah, a fellow CLASSICS ENTHUSIAST, has to woo her—which he does by picking up this "first edition" of a nearly 3,000-year-old book for "a buck at a garage sale."

Who knew that old Greek scrolls came so cheap and beautifully bound? I haven't felt this informed since J. Lo taught me about Turkey Time.


You can watch the clip of this highly questionable gifting here.

Images via Universal.