What Terrible Gifts Will You Be Returning Today?

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Christmas is over! Now that all the joy (and pain) of spending hours on end with one's family and consuming ungodly amounts of food is wearing off, it's time to go back to thinking about the true meaning of the holiday season: stuff!


Today is that magical day when everyone ventures out to stores to begin returning or exchanging all the crap they got from well-meaning relatives who missed the gift-giving mark. It's like Black Friday, but in reverse.

So what strange or misguided presents did you receive? Or did you luck out and get exactly what you wanted? Did anyone give you anything that was super insulting or offensive? (Unsolicited self-help books always send a cheerfully judgmental holiday message!) The funniest gifting tale I've heard so far was from a friend who reported that her young daughter got her a bag of pretzels from their pantry and a pair of her own underwear for Christmas. Ahhh, children really are a gift!


Anyway, if you're on the fence about heading to the mall today, remember it's not all about returns and exchanges. You can spend all those impersonal but welcome gift cards you got and take advantage of post-holiday sales too. Or, if you're a criminal, you might want to do as the Atlantic Wire suggests, and try to return all the stuff you shoplifted this year for cash. Yes, the holidays really do bring out the best in all of us!

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More cat themed gifts for me. For some reason when I got my cat a couple of years ago everyone decided I must be cat mad and so I now have cat themed calendars, mugs, keychains, jewellery, ornaments, photo frames and much more.

I hate cat themed stuff. Most of it is tacky and more to the point - I HAVE A FUCKING CAT. I do not need things which resemble cats in my house because I have the real deal. I don't need pictures of cats, seeing as if I want to look at a cat I will look at the real cat which I already own. We don't give out receipts, so none of it gets returned, although a fair bit will probably end up in a charity shop at some point.

Rant over. Sorry guys. Merry Christmas.