What Should You Bring To Thanksgiving Dinner?

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Ah, Thanksgiving dinner: so incredibly tasty, but at what cost? Between the stresses of seeing family members and the stresses of travel, sometimes we forget that the whole reason we're gathering together is to devour a delicious feast. But what should you bring along to your holiday meal of choice?

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It doesn't matter whose house you're going to, odds are high that there will be an overflowing cornucopia of food, but tastes vary among people and depending on how hostile you foresee your table being on this evening, you might want to think about bringing along some comfort food. Enter Chow's handy-dandy flowchart, which will help you decide between bringing a vegan pumpkin pie or deep-fried macaroni and cheese.


[Via Chow]

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Hell on Heels

I'm going to my boyfriend's family's house. His mother has at various points in her life owned a bakery and a catering company (seriously, her chocolate chip cookies are at least twice as good as any others I've ever had, and we are not talking about a small sample size...and her carrot cake is just OMG). I am a fairly excellent cook but I'm just a little intimidated at the prospect of making something for people who are used to consistently spectacular food, as opposed to my family, who are under the impression that margarine and butter are identical in flavor and that a solid brick of hamburger shoved inside a turkey constitutes a "meat stuffing". I'm thinking my best option is to just bring a bunch of beer and then show up in her kitchen early Thursday morning and let her put me to work.