As previously reported, I have recently splurged on not one but two items from Pat McGrath’s cosmetics collection, because even though it’s pricey, the quality—from the fashion industry’s leading make-up artist—simply cannot be beat. Right now I’m newly wearing her Lust MatteTrance lipstick in McMenamy, and it feels like I’m wearing nothing at all, except for the lush ’90s streak of vamp across my face.

Because she is all about aesthetics, each limited edition Pat McGrath drop comes in its own sealed package stuffed with loose sequins; opening them is about the experience of luxury, sequins spilling from the packaging like baubles and gems from a jewelry box. Or, maybe, rose petals from a lover’s letter. This is all well and good at first—if I’m dropping a hundred bucks on three lippies, why yes I do want the illusion of high-end accommodation—but in the end, it poses a dilemma: what to do with the packaging and the sequins once you’ve opened your makeup?


Tossing it all in the garbage seems wasteful, especially if you have nightmares about the wasteland of plastic floating in the sea; if a dolph choked on my discarded sequins, I would never forgive myself. Besides, I paid a hundred bucks for this shit! But I currently have one package of blue sequins in a plastic bag under my kitchen sink, a few occasionally spilling out when I rifle around down there; I have another package, these gold, sitting at my desk at work. Approximately 20 individual sequins surround my keyboard and mouse as I type. What should I do with them? My initial thoughts:

I used to be much better at crafty shit before I became an adult who works constantly. Can someone help me out? What should I do with these sequins? What do you do with them? Thanks in advance!