With the help of 160 lucky social drinkers aged 18 to 40 with no history of alcoholism, a study out of the University of Bristol has determined that glass shape has a big effect on alcoholic consumption rate. The studied drinkers finished their beverages twice as fast out of curved glasses as they did out of straight glasses. They were also shown numerous pictures of both types of glasses and asked whether each one was half-empty or half-full; as it turns out, the volume of liquid in curved glasses is harder to gauge visually, so it's harder to tell how much you've imbibed.

The researchers came to the conclusion that while slower drinking is obviously wiser, "the ability to pace [drinking] effectively may be compromised when drinking from certain types of glasses." So if you are a speedy drinker, take heart in the fact that it might not be your fault! Your glass is half full! Or half-empty. Or I'm drunk.

'Glass shape influences how quickly we drink alcohol' [Bristol UK]

Image via Kzenon/Shutterstock