What Japan's Women's World Cup Team Means For The Country

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Okay, here's a silver lining if the U.S. doesn't win the Women's World Cup finals on Sunday: Japan could use all the happy news it can get after this year's earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear disaster.


The New York Times, in noting this, acknowledges that it's a longshot for Japan: "The Americans have won three times against the Japanese this year and are 22-0-3 over all." But after their coach showed them a slideshow of the aforementioned disasters before their game against Germany, commentators agree: Japan is playing with "more fire and bite."

And the country is watching, despite previously being more interested in baseball and sumo. Daichi Miura, 22, told the Times that if they win Sunday, "It will cheer up the whole country." Now do you feel guilty for rooting for U.S.A?


Japan's World Cup Team Lifts A Country [NYT]

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If you're feeling a little guilty over the possibility of the US beating Japan, you can always view footage of the Japanese whalers harpooning endangered whales, or the slaughter of dolphins in "The Cove," or catch up on the news of how the Japanese delegation is once again stalling talks at the IWC.