What Is Your Shame Hoard?

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As the coronavirus, also known by its fancy name COVID-19, spreads through the country like wildfire, people are hoarding assorted goods like mini preppers in the making.


Beans! Toilet paper! Large quantities of bottled water, for some reason! Photos of empty grocery stores have gone viral as people continue to panic buy and media outlets publish lists of goods to purchase, like canned goods and medicine (ever heard of it?), for those preparing for a quarantine. But I already know that canned chicken noodle soup and Tylenol is what you buy in a situation like this. What I really want to know is: what are you shame hoarding?

Basically, what is the frivolous thing you’re really stocking up on? Because I’m not buying this idea that everyone is sticking to the essentials. Do you have bags upon bags of Flaming Hot Cheetos in your basement? Shelves full of seasonal Reese’s cups? Did you buy a restaurant-sized case of rosé for your home? Did you, like me, just remember you need to order more skincare products because skimping on a routine isn’t acceptable even in apocalyptic conditions?

Tell me. This is a no-shame zone, unless you say guns. Please don’t say guns.

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many bells down, now with .1% more pig

One of my co-workers was at Costco yesterday and in front of him in line was a guy in his 80's with a cart filled to the brim with just ice cream and wine. He’s doing it right.

Me I'm just buying a couple extra of whatever I went to the store to get. We already have more canned corn than I think we'll ever eat.