What Is Taylor Swift Hiding?

Image via AP.
Image via AP.

Taylor Swift, Taylor Swift, what are you trying to prove? The Martian songstress and ex-Hiddleswift member recently donated $50,000 to Ascension Public Schools in Louisiana, following the state’s historically destructive floods that roiled the area in August.

The latest donation is a step toward reaching the $1 million St. Taylor committed to Louisiana’s flood recovery efforts last month, following another $50,000 she gave to the Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank. INTERESTING. It’s almost as if she’s using her well-publicized kindness as a coverup for some terrible misdeed. I’m not saying Taylor Swift murdered a drifter, I’m just saying if you wanted to distract attention from a heinous crime, this would probably be the way to do it.

She also sent congratulatory flowers to her hair twin (co-conspirator?) Grace VanderWaal following her America’s Got Talent win. Taylor, listen to me. She’s only 12-years-old. Give her a chance to be a kid before conscripting her into your shadowy underworld.


Goodbye Grace.


Kim Kardashian West loves this pic of her, her butt, a chair, a window, her butt again, and her sunglasses. Another person is allegedly there, too.

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I love Kim’s sense of humor.