Amy Schumer has a new boyfriend, reports everyone! His name is Ben Hanisch, and as social media renders us all transparent and his girlfriend is both very famous and very beloved, a series of facts have emerged about Hanisch over the past week: he designs furniture, he loves dogs, he was the one to break the news about their relationship, and he went to the whitehizzy with Schumer’s fam.

Much of the currently available information about Hanisch has come via Instagram, the medium via which we were sent the above photo, posted about eight months ago, with a man tagged as Hanisch on the left. It’s an interesting pic! It is captioned “Whatcha gonna do. Whatcha gonna do when they come for you. #badboyzclub #blacknwhite.”

We emailed Schumer’s rep about it, but haven’t heard back. So the big question remains: what Instagram filter do you think this is?


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Image via Instagram