What Happens When the Queen Dies?

Queen Elizabeth II is the United Kingdom’s longest reigning monarch, outstripping Queen Victoria and every other predecessor. She’s been on the throne so long, she’s the only head of state most Britons remember. So what happens when she goes?

The latest installment of our series on the befuddling intricacies of the British royal family looks at a somewhat grim but inevitable moment in history: The dramatic upheaval that will ensue when Queen Elizabeth goes to her eternal reward. What happens next has been planned down to the smallest details for years. And then the big question: Are you ready for King Charles III?


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If you’re interested in reading more about this The Guardian did a very in-depth and fascinating write up on the plans a few years ago: ‘London Bridge is down’: the secret plan for the days after the Queen’s death

The level of minutia is insane - they’ve been planning it since the 19060's - but my favorite bit of trivia is around the special alert system they have at the BBC that will be activated....except many people at the BBC don’t know what it sounds like. Or that newscasters must have mourning attire at the ready at all times, because when the Queen mother died someone was criticized for wearing a maroon tie when announcing it.