In a new video for "Please Don't Leave Me," (the second clip for the same song), Pink plays a "gorgeous giantess" whose suitors literally don't measure up. They're all small. And worse: Dull.


That is, until (hew real-life husband) Carey Hart comes along. He is even smaller than the rest of the guys, but has a big heart and a sense of fun.

Pink exudes toughness, and between her mouthiness, motorcycle riding and acrobatic feats, she telegraphs a message of strength and independence. So appearing in a video as a larger-than-life woman makes sense. But what does it mean that her man is tiny? Is it an intentional reversal of the traditional "little lady" being smaller, shorter, petite; while a "manly man" is brawny and big? Is she saying that a strong woman doesn't have to be with someone her own strength/size? Are we meant to learn that even though she is huge (hugely famous), love is powerful enough to obliterate how "small" Carey is in comparison? Is this a story of how an alpha woman needs a beta male? Or is the moral that freaks of a feather flock together?


Watch Pink's New Video, ‘Please Don't Leave Me'[NY Mag/Vulture]

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