Remember when Halloween was all about filling that little orange Unicef box with pennies? For some celebs, it still is. At least, the Unicef part.

Caryl Stern is President and CEO of the US fund for UNICEF. Which makes the autocratic Queen of Hearts a weird choice.

David Lauren is...what? Hippie? Biker? Slash? This is not fully realized.


Lauren Bush, meanwhile, is a vaguely Fosse-esque cavewoman?

Jenna Bush Hager and Barbara Bush are, presumably, flapper and dark angel? Or just generally "Halloween glam?"


Award for the most half-assed costume goes to Tiki Barber and girlfriend Traci Lynn Johnson.


Yeah, they still get it.

Nell Diamond , for instance, could pass for any number of dirigibles.


Is Karen Koeningsberg premiering the Mary Queen of Scots?

Now, this is commitment.

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