What Do You Eat After Sex?

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A cheesy debate is coming at you hot from the oven.

According to a new survey conducted by Yelp, reported by UPROXX, pizza is the most popular meal to eat after a one-night stand, followed narrowly by tacos. Jezebel staffers weighed in on what their preferred post-coitus meal tends to be, and though few conclusions were reached, a lot of compelling info emerged.

In general, most people preferred not to eat after sex at all. Eating before was deemed an even worse choice, and eating during was completely ruled out. That leaves very little time for food and a lot for humping. Why are we so edgy about food and fornicating? Well, let’s say lessened learned: one editor admitted to having sex following a burrito, then barfing, which ruined both activities—though not forever.

Puking was a popular theme. One staffer claims to have thrown up dry pizza of an almost “hairball” consistency preceding a threesome, then followed sex up by ordering more pizza. That was a mistake, because it’s awkward to sit around waiting for a pizza with people you just had a threesome with. That made me wonder if the popularity of pizza is a matter of convenience over preference. How much of that pizza is hastily eaten all alone on a street corner while wearing your panties inside out before getting on the subway home? Who can say.


Given the time and luxury, wouldn’t we do something nicer for ourselves and our sexual partners?

Please share your own food/sex rituals in the comments, and take this poll.

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...and eating during was completely ruled out.

Poll seems inaccurate.