What Did Britney Spears Do Just 24 Hours After Getting Engaged?

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It's probably one of many things but Britney Spears changed her Facebook status to "engaged" after announcing it on Twitter on the previous day. Ah, it's as if Emily Post herself were here guiding our young people through their engagements.

Oh, and in case you've been wondering about the ring, it appears to be a "3 carat round stone, diamond paved band" which is definitely nothing to sneer it. Although to be fair, I wouldn't know the difference between that and something very, very shiny.

Apparently Kobe Bryant's net worth, which has been rumored to be in the area of $400 million, is actually closer to $150 million, which means he's practically a commoner!!! [TMZ]


"As a mother, I hardly ever get a thank you. Nobody ever says, ‘Thanks for getting up early and making me that lunch, Mom. I enjoyed what was in my lunchbox today'. So when I do hear that from my kids, it feels really good. Maybe that's why I treat the people I work with well." —Brooke Burke Charvet [People]

Adding insult to name-based injury, Whoopi Goldberg keeps farting on The View. And, yes! There's video! [Perez]

Jake Gyllenhaal is about to turn 31! [BuzzFeed]

An acclaimed female Scottish writer will be turning The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo and its two sequels into the graphic novel we all knew it could be. Wait, did we know that? [ONTD]


Long-time vegan and animal activist Russell Simmons is named PETA's Person Of The Year. [Grio]

How much do you really know about A Charlie Brown Christmas? Find out ten things you didn't know about the feel good cartoon in this handy list. [ONTD]


Whoa! Christian Bale was apparently shoved and punched by Chinese government guards as he attempted to visit dissident Chen Guangcheng, who is currently under house arrest. Bale said, "What I really wanted to do was to meet the man, shake his hand and say what an inspiration he is." [Sun]

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I'm not liking the looks of her "husband". He looks like the murder/suicide type to me.