What Celebrities Earn: Sooooo Much More Than You

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Every year, Parade magazine does a "What People Earn" survey. It is, of course, mind-exploding. Kristen Stewart, 20, made $16 million last year. That's about $307,692 a week. Not that she worked every week last year.

Of course, Stephenie Meyer, the lady who created the little vampire tale called Twilight, made more, raking in $50 million last year. That's around $137,000 a day. And yet: She doesn't come close to Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, who made $3 billion last year. As in: $250 million a MONTH.

Sigh. At least, you know, everyone and their mother (and my mother) is on Facebook. At least you sort of "get it." Unlike say, the fact that Heidi Montag makes $150,000 an episode for staring into space on The Hills .



Parade's executive editor, Lamar Graham, said on The Early Show that, when they compared 106 "regular" people's salaries to the celebrities in the magazine, they discovered a "jaw-dropping" fact: The celebrities made more than 450 times the "normal" folks' salaries.

If you're feeling like crap right about now, take comfort in this: Jersey Shore's Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi earned just $2,200 dollars in 2009. Poor thing. Next round's on me.

How Does Your Pay Stack Up Against the Stars? [CBS News]

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It is ridiculous but I wish they would show us what they actually made. I mean I could be wrong but aren't their managers, agents, publicists, etc taking a big chunk out of it?

I feel those numbers are sorta deceptive, like when it says a doctor makes x amount without mentioning that 30% of that is going straight into malpractice insurance.