What Can't Solange Do?

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Solange can sing, she can dance, she can write, and she could probably pull God down from the heavens and laugh in his face if she wanted to. Solange is also an extremely talented curator and artist, with a keen eye for composition and movement. She showcased these talents at the Getty Center with the premiere of Bridge-s, an exhibit described as a “ a free series of performances, films and philosopher’s talk” for visitors to the exhibition.

Among the works showcased was new work by Gerard and Kelly, who choreographed pieces specifically designed to flow organically with the museum’s architecture. Even better, Solange provided an original score. Elsewhere in the museum, Solange programmed a slate of works from legendary filmmakers like Julie Dash, Jenn Nkriru, and Nuotama Bodomo.


Among the more entrancing elements of the exhibition were the clothes, vibrant oranges meshing seamlessly with muted browns and beiges. An asymmetrical top with one exposed breast and shoulder is reminiscent of the popular design elements at Telfar, who has worked extensively with Solange in the past. The color pallettes, and matching-set bodysuits and pants, also showed some of the DNA of Phlenums, from rising designer James Flemons—who designed similar sets for her “Don’t Touch My Hair” video.

Like all the best art, though, Bridge-s is probably best experienced in person. But Solange, if you’re listening: Please make the performances available for streaming! Until you do, I’ll have to live vicariously through random snippets I’ve found on Twitter.

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