What Are You Buying to Mourn American Apparel?

Image screengrab via American Apparel
Image screengrab via American Apparel

American Apparel is having a big going-out-of-business sale that’s bittersweet since it means thousands of workers are losing their jobs. It also marks the end of an era filled with body suits, sparkly leggings and all the one-size-allegedly-fits-all crop tops one could want.


Last week, American Apparel was auctioned to a Canadian buyer for $88 million, which means the 110 stores currently in operation in the U.S. will shut down and about 3,500 employees are out of a job. It’s a sad yet un-shocking ending to the brand’s years-long financial struggles. You can deliver your eulogy...in the form of capitalism.

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American Apparel’s online sale is currently at 40 percent off everything, a number that will most likely go up as they try to shed remaining inventory. Probably a good time to stock up on basic basics. On top of the overarching sale, certain items are additionally marked down.

Yesterday, I purchased two crop hoodies (including the above look in gray) to add to my collection of indispensable American Apparel crop tops, one pair of shiny leggings and a gray hoodie I bought in my 20s when I learned that hoodies with white drawstrings were cool. How are you mourning / What are you buying?

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EASY JEAN. gonna buy lots because the crotch blows out in like 2 months but dang makes my ass look *kisses fingertips* manifique.