What 5 Things Would You Like to Be Asked About?

A thing that would be nice to talk about. Photo by the author.

A few weeks ago, in Slack, the only place good ideas are formed, a question occurred to me: if you were anywhere at any time in any mood, what are the five things you’d like to talk about?

Because she’s also an innovator, my colleague Kelly Stout quickly responded, calling my query “really thoughtful.” Here are her answers:

5. Whether or not I saw today’s Bad Tweet and what I thought of it

4. The beach—when I plan to go next, and what temperature I think is right beach weather


3. How Rosie is doing [Ed. Note: Rosie is Kelly’s dog. She recently got an additional dog, named Louise, whom I assume she’d also like to be asked about.]

2. Do I have any new invention ideas I’ve been mulling over?

1. Would I like another drink?

While Kelly’s might be ranked, mine are not. Here they are:

  • Pools
  • The best mixed icey bevs
  • Where I would buy property and what it would look like (related to pools, could be a sub-convo)
  • Anything in the realm of dermatology
  • How ketchup is the best condiment

Imagine you are at a gathering. Everyone’s nice, but the conversation is lagging slightly. You might think, ah, this is a good time to ask what celebrities everyone has put on their hall pass list. Not so!

It’s time to ask them what they want to be asked about.

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