We’re only on Episode 2 of Westworld’s second season, and already we have been thrust into a confounding spiral; not only have the human and host worlds crossed wires on the show, they seem to be doing so in our day-to-day lives, too.

As with the precedent set by Lost, Westworld seems to be setting little Easter egg traps on the internet for its most devoted and eagle-eyed fans to suss out and thread about. In this episode, “Reunion,” we learn that the woman from the photograph that made Peter Abernathy short-circuit is in fact William’s real-life wife—and, contrary to what the internet thought, the actor is not a rando from a stock image, but is played by Claire Unabia, who you MIGHT recognize from Cycle 10 of America’s Next Top Model! Worlds and realities collide. In this edition of Westworld Conspiracy Corner, Senior Editor Joanna Rothkopf and I try to figure out what it all means, and what our chances are for being transposed into hosts ourselves.


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