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Westboro Baptist Wanted to Picket Nimoy's Funeral, But Couldn't Find It

Illustration for article titled Westboro Baptist Wanted to Picket Nimoys Funeral, But Couldnt Find It

It's not quite poetic justice, but we'll take it: the Westboro Baptist Church, a group of litigious trolls with the barest ties to Jesus, were unable to picket Leonard Nimoy's funeral because they don't know where it is.


The WBC announced their plans to picket the funeral of the beloved actor earlier this week, as is their wont.


But as the Guardian notes, they quickly realized they'd forgotten a minor logistical detail:

They're now tweeting sulkily about how they're "picketing" the funeral online instead, and that not being able to find the thing they wanted to protest has "only enhanced" said protest, but nobody's buying it.

Nimoy's loved ones were able to celebrate his life with privacy and dignity; at the Long Beach Comic Expo, attendees honored the actor with a moment of silence. Meanwhile, the WBC continues to be a bunch of small and loveless people, and if Hell is real, we look forward to hearing from them just how hot it feels.


Flowers near Nimoy's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Photo via AP

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