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West Indian Day Parade Revelers Look Better Than Anyone Else Anywhere Today

Illustration for article titled West Indian Day Parade Revelers Look Better Than Anyone Else Anywhere Today

Participants in the annual West Indian Day Parade dance their way down Brooklyn’s Eastern Parkway on Monday, September 7.


The day was not, however, without tragedy: one man was stabbed to death and three others shot and left in critical condition early this morning in areas near the parade. The shootings and stabbing erupted just before the start of the J’Ouvert Festival, the dawn celebration that kicks off the Labor Day festivities. One of those shot was Carey Gabay, a first deputy general counsel with Governor Andrew Cuomo. Gabay was reportedly caught in the crossfire between two gangs. He is in critical condition.

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He got shot in the head and is on a respirator.

“This was a beautiful man, a sweet man, a man who was giving back to his community, a gentleman, who was involved in nothing, just walking down the street with his brother, wife pregnant with his first child,” Cuomo said. “He was the lawyer who rewrote the rent laws that protected so many tenants. I’m going to see him now. It’s a reminder that the violence has to stop.”

The use of the past tense is kind of creepy?